Ways Experian Honors Our Black Community

Here are some ways we have supported and celebrated our Black community recently:

Listening, Learning & Standing United with the Black Community

At Experian, we have no tolerance for racism. The racial injustice the Black community has been subjected to for centuries must end. We are listening, learning and standing united with the Black community as well as all our colleagues to create a better tomorrow.

HOPE Financial Wellness Index

We launched the HOPE Financial Wellness Index with Operation HOPE to help identify communities in most need of financial education and develop programming to help them build the futures they want.

Experian Launches Global Funding Program to Help Improve Financial Health for Communities Worldwide

Experian has launched the global United for Financial Health project to empower people to improve their financial health through education and action. Our partnerships with non-profit organizations across the globe to deliver tools and resources to help underserved communities:

  • National Urban League
    • Experian supports the National Urban League Young Professionalsand those enrolled in one of 12 Urban League Entrepreneurship Centers with free access to their Experian consumer credit report and FICO® Score, along with the ability to potentially increase their credit scores instantly with Experian Boost™. Experian also offers small business tools, services, and educational content.
    • The Home Preservation Grant has helped families in Atlanta and Chicago who were at risk of losing their homes because of a COVID-hardship keep their homes

Also check out these Experian podcast episodes featuring Black voices:

Strategies to Increase Representation & Diversity – John D. Marshall at Experian

We speak to John D. Marshall about increasing Black talent, reducing unconscious bias and more.

Diversity in STEM: What Is It and Why It Matters w/ Serena King

In this #DataTalk, we chat with Serena King, Software Engineer at Altair, about the importance of diversity in the STEM field, ways companies can create an inclusive environment for employees, and what it is like being a Black woman in a predominantly white field.

Empowering Black Founders & Startups with Investments & Access w/ Justin Dawkins

In this #DataTalk, we chat with Justin Dawkins, Managing Partner at Collab Capital about ways organizations can help support Black startups and entrepreneurs.

Building Racial Equity in the Workplace w/ Nicole Blake Johnson

In this #DataTalk, we chat with Nicole Johnson, Managing Editor at GovLoop, about ways tech leaders can create space at work to have honest conversations about race.

Inclusion, Innovation & Making an Impact in Tech w/ Sherrell Dorsey

In this #DataTalk, we chat with Sherrell Dorsey about her love of data, technology and passion for improving inclusion and diversity in tech.

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