Strategic partnerships for good

 We partner with more than 25 nonprofit and diversity organizations around the world on key initiatives to drive systemic change in our workplace and our communities.

African American couple playing with their two children at home

Advancing financial equity and inclusion

We’re collaborating with nonprofits to support credit education, financial literacy and homeownership in diverse communities. In December 2020, we launched our partnership with Operation HOPE as part of our United for Financial Health program and have provided financial tools for more than 4.6 million people of color in the United States.

African American couple playing with their two children at home
Three diverse people looking at a laptop together

Investing in talent

Experian® shows up for diverse talent, whether that’s at conferences of key organizations such as UnidosUS, National Urban League and Grace Hopper or through our investment in professional development programs and mentoring for underrepresented talent. We want you to thrive!

Three diverse people looking at a laptop together
Two women holding up a small child while walking through an orchard

Expanding our ecosystem

Products we develop for clients and consumers set a standard of equity and financial inclusion in all communities in which we operate. We’re helping consumers with free tools like Experian Boost™, which allows consumers to potentially increase their credit scores instantly using their positive payment history from utility and telecom bills and video streaming services. Experian Boost has helped users gain access to more than $1.7 billion in credit as a result of improved credit scores. Our tools help underserved communities tap into opportunities that may have been inaccessible before, such as lower loan rates or financing a car.

Two women holding up a small child while walking through an orchard

Lending a hand to communities in need

We’re using our resources for good to promote greater financial and social inclusion for all. From our financial education efforts to our work to help eliminate bias in credit evaluations and scoring, we strive to transform communities for the better. Read below for some examples of our endeavors.

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Inclusion Forward™

Access to credit is often the most significant barrier to financial inclusion, and we recognize that closing the wealth gap is key to greater racial equity. That’s why we launched Inclusion Forward – Experian Empowering Opportunities™, an initiative to harness our data, analytics and tech expertise to help clients create and provide more affordable credit access in diverse communities.

Large group of Experian volunteers posing for the camera by making a heart shape with their hands

The Heart of Experian

Through The Heart of Experian, we encourage employee charitable outreach through work-time volunteer opportunities, donations, support for nonprofit organizations and more to help improve communities and foster economic growth. In 2020, Experian employees contributed more than 18,000 volunteer hours and used our matching grant program to raise thousands for nonprofits.

A man and a woman sitting at the kitchen table going over their finances

United for Financial Health

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we created this initiative to uplift and empower vulnerable people through financial education and action. In addition to the Operation HOPE partnership, we’ve collaborated with organizations such as the UnidosUS to increase homeownership and entrepreneurship in urban communities.

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