Experian Supports Transgender and Non-binary Consumers with Name Change Process on Credit Reports

January 31, 2022 by Wil Lewis

As a leading information services company, some of our chief priorities include protecting and ensuring the accuracy of consumer information. The integrity of our data is critical and aligns with our efforts to advocate for financial inclusion for everyone.

Data accuracy is particularly relevant for the transgender and non-binary community with regard to name changes. It’s important to note that information about gender/sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is not included in credit reports or scores. However, when someone transitions, and changes their name, their credit and financial history may still be tied to their birth name, which is also referred to as their “deadname.” This can unintentionally “out” the consumer or force them to establish a new credit history.

At Experian, we have a process through which those who identify as transgender and non-binary can provide legal documentation to prove their identity without the negative emotional and financial impact. You can learn more about this process here. When you affirm your identity and update your name, Experian will also suppress your deadname so it does not appear on your Experian credit report. Taking these steps only changes your name on your Experian credit reports, and you may need to inquire about the process with other credit bureaus.

Fair access to credit tools is part of our mission, as is providing these services with dignity and respect. At Experian, this is our purpose, advocating for all communities and people. This is financial inclusion.

A transgender woman smiling while video calling a business partner using her laptop at the office.

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