There is more to us than big data

We provide information services to organizations and consumers on a global scale. Our total revenue for the year ending 31st March 2013 was $873M so we’re no small operation. With a suite of over 700 products our people help organisations manage credit risk and increase customer revenue and loyalty.

Data is infinite. It’s everywhere. It’s everything

And its collection, analysis, and application motivate everything we do here at Experian. When you harness the trillions of data points that surround and inform everyday actions, you amplify the meaning of those actions and give them the predictive power to inform and guide decisions.

How do we help Individuals make decisions?

For individuals, we guide healthy financial decision-making by empowering them to understand, manage, and protect their credit information.

For the entrepreneur looking to open a storefront, the information we power can help determine the neighborhood, street, or even exact address that will ensure the most foot traffic.

For marketers we help guide campaign planning

We're there to help you decide when to start that holiday advertising and which cross-channel approach to pursue to stay ahead of the competition.

How do we keep you safe?

For individuals and organizations, we supply solutions that can safeguard against international crimes such as fraud and identity theft.

We support industry-leading retailers

We can map trends, apply predictive modeling, and increase ROI through made-to-order, high-performance solutions.

At Experian, we understand that it takes creativity, passion, and expertise to unlock the power of data and bring it to life. We know that fresh perspectives can spur inspiration, often leading to a new way of tackling a challenge.

  • Consumer Information Services

  • You’ll be part of a team that provides unparalleled credit insights and reliability to empower our clients to make the most informed decisions for their business. More about Consumer Information Services


  • Decision Analytics  »

  • Want to do something really big? International banks, utility companies, and public service providers rely on our people to use advanced predictive tools and sophisticated software to deliver innovative solutions. More about Decision Analytics


  • Marketing Services  »

  • With the power of our extensive geographic, demographic, and lifestyle data in your hands, you’ll help our clients understand their customers better—and play a big part in driving success for everyone. More about Marketing Services


  • Consumer Services  »

  • Provide the expertise that protects consumers’ personal credit files and helps them make more informed purchasing decisions. More about Consumer Services

Ready to translate your passions into powerful insights?

Bring your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your expertise to Experian.

Experian is a global corporation, search our jobs for offerings in North America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM, UK&I.

If you are interested in Experian jobs in other countries you may also search our Global Careers Centers. Global Jobs
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