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Introduction to Experian

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Our History

Time travel more than a century (and jet-set over the Atlantic multiple times) in this engaging three-minute short.

Our History Video

Annual Report

Interested in more recent history? Explore some of our latest accomplishments.

To understand our history,
you have to look past the organization known today as Experian.


Back to when our parent companies gained traction in lines of business that would take decades, and in some cases a century, to cross. As is the case with many documented bloodlines, it is sometimes the most unlikely of pairings that combine to produce a great champion.

Experian is a remarkable success story about a business
built on innovation, global enterprise, and above all,
the endeavours and hard work of some amazing people.
- Sir John Peace, Chairman, Experian

Likewise, the story of Experian can be traced back as far as 1900, across three continents, to three primary organizations. Over the subsequent century, a series of events, mergers, splits, and reorganizations would uniquely position the combination of Europe’s leading information services company, CCN; the largest credit bureau in the U.S., TRW; and Brazil’s first credit agency, Serasa to form Experian the world's leading information services company.

That was 1996. Today, Experian provides data and analytical tools to clients around the world and across almost every major industry, from telecommunications and healthcare to government and automotive. Though our past is diverse, an analysis of our history shows some pervasive consistencies:

We are risk takers
, repeatedly taking big bets on new markets and groundbreaking technology to move our business forward.
We are fierce
, and often relentless, in our determination to see things through.
We question everything
 - from the smallest service detail to an entire business model – always with a willingness to break the mold.


These themes are woven throughout our past and will continue to define our efforts long into the future.


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