Inside Experian – Fighting the $120 billion fraud industry

January 21, 2015 by Matt Tatham

Have a look ‘Inside Experian’ through this documentary on our global business explaining who we are, what we do and how we’re helping people and businesses around the world protect, manage and make the most of their data.

This ‘Inside Experian’ video focuses on 41st Parameter, a leading provider of dedicated fraud prevention solutions. Their methodology and patented technologies are responsible for reductions in fraud losses and subsequent declining attack rates at some of the largest institutions in e-commerce, financial services, and travel services.

Here are some highlights of 41st Parameter’s solutions:

  • $25 trillion in e-commerce orders and financial services transactions scored for risk
  • 500 million transactions processed each month with daily volumes exceeding 8 million transactions a day
  • PCI Certified as a Level 1 Service Provider and ISO-27000, SAS-70 and Safe Harbour Compliant
  • 600 million devices detected by their patented tagless device identification technology captures no PII

41st Parameter works to make the process of preventing and detecting fraud easier and more effective, reducing potential losses while protecting operating costs and the customer experience.

Download our fraud prevention whitepaper to gain more insight on how you can prepare your business.