Increased demand for KBA with IVR

Published: January 24, 2011 by Monica Pearson

Experian Decision Analytics has recorded increased demand from the marketplace for service integrations with interactive voice response (IVR), a phone technology that allows for automated detection of both voice and touch–tones. In the past quarter, there has been a more than 70 percent increase in IVR interest and it continues to grow.

Why is there a demand for knowledge based authentication through IVR? Besides consumer acceptance of out of wallet questions, there is a dramatic increase in the need for remote authentication and fraud analytics that are accurate, not a burden to the consumer, cost–effective for organizations and part of an overall risk based authentication approach. Consumers stay connected in a number of ways — phone, online, mobile and short message service (SMS) — and are demanding the means to remain safe without compromising convenience. Knowledge based authentication through IVR provides this safety.

Organizations must consider all the tools at their disposal to keep consumer data protected while preserving and promoting a positive customer experience. Given the interactive nature of knowledge based authentication, it is quite adaptable to various customer access channels, such as IVR, and it enables full automation of both inbound and outbound authentication calls.

We know from both our own experience and from working with clients that consumers are more connected, more mobile and more networked than ever before – and fraud trends demonstrate this increases risk. As consumers continue to expand online profiles and fraud artists continue to seek out victims, successful fraud prevention will become paramount to financial survival. Leveraging products already in use by combining the technology capitalizes on an existing investment and is good business.

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