Digital Collections: The Results Are In

March 1, 2018 by Paul Desaulniers

“Who Moved My Cheese?”

Perhaps you’ve heard of this popular book, released in 1998. If you haven’t, it’s a quick read and one that describes four fictional characters – two mice and two “little people” – on their quest to hunt for cheese. On their journey, they have to assess their routines and consider change – that word that makes so many of us uncomfortable.

I bring this up because it is no secret that the consumer has changed dramatically over the years. Technology, the need for personalization, the demand for speed. Yes, the consumer has changed for sure, and everyone seems to recognize this but collections professionals.

Look at any financial institution and you will hear and see leaders talking about and executing on digital acquisition and account management strategies. After all, digital is the medium that consumers desire when interacting with their financial service providers. Marketers know this and most have adapted, but when it comes to collections, the industry seems to be fixated on utilizing the tactics of the past.

Today, collectors largely rely on calling consumers and sending out dunning letters. Right Party Contact rates continue to decline, and with 50 percent of consumers lacking land lines, the contact rates are only going to get worse. I say all this because if you want to see success, you must change.

Offering your past-due customers a digital experience will not only increase your collections performance and recoveries, but simultaneously improve your customer experience and reduce costs. This is a huge opportunity if collectors would just embrace a digital collections strategy. And let me note that having a payment portal is not a digital collections strategy. If that was the case, digital marketers would be done with just a simple website, and then they can wish their consumers will land on the site. A digital collections experience is much more.

Why stay stuck in the past?  Change is good, let someone else look for that old cheese.

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