Effectively reach and connect with voters

Published: September 3, 2014 by Guest Contributor

By: Maria Moynihan

At a time when people are accessing information when, where and how they want to, why aren’t voter rolls more up to date?

Too often, voter lists aren’t scrubbed for use in mailing, and information included is inaccurate at the time of outreach. Though addresses and other contact information becomes outdated, new address identification and verification has not typically been a resource focus.  Costs associated with mandated election-related communications between government and citizens can add up, especially if messages never get to their intended recipients and, in turn, Registrar Offices never get a response.

To date, the most common pitfalls with poorly maintained lists have been:

  • Deceased records — where contact information for deceased voters has not been removed or flagged for mailing
  • Email and address errors — where those who have moved or recently changed information failed to update their records, or where errors in the information on file make it unlikely for the United States Postal Service® to reach individuals effectively
  • Duplicate records — where repeat records exist due to update errors or lack of information standardization

With resources being tighter than ever, Registrar Offices now are placing emphasis on mailing accuracy and reach. Through third-party-verified data and advanced approaches to managing contact information, Registrar Offices can benefit from truly connecting with their citizens while saving on communication outreach efforts.

Experian Public Sector recently helped the Orange County Registrar of Voters increase the quality of its voter registration process. Click here to view the write-up, or stay tuned as I share more on progress being made in this area across states.