Case Study: Increasing efficiency and funding rates with automated decisioning

Published: March 30, 2022 by Stefani Wendel

In today’s evolving and competitive market, the stakes are high to deliver both quantity and quality. That is, to deliver growth goals while increasing customer satisfaction.

OneAZ Credit Union is the second largest credit union in Arizona, serving over 157,000 members across 21 branches. Wanting to fund more loans faster and offer a better member experience through their existing loan origination system (LOS), OneAZ looked to improve their decisioning system and long-standing underwriting criteria.

They partnered with Experian to create an automated underwriting strategy to meet their aggressive approval rate and loss rate goals. By implementing an integrated decisioning system, OneAZ had flexible access to data credit attributes and scores, resulting in increased automation through their existing LOS – meaning they didn’t have to completely overhaul their decisioning systems.

Additionally, they leveraged software that enabled champion/challenger strategies and the flexibility to manage their decision criteria.

Within one month of implementation, OneAZ saw a 26% increase in loan funding rates and a 25% decrease in manual reviews. They can now pivot quickly to respond to continuously evolving conditions.

“The speed at which we can return a decision and our better understanding of future performance has really propelled us in being able to better serve our members,” said John Schooner, VP Credit Risk Management at OneAZ.

Read our case study for more insight on how automation and PowerCurve Originations Essentials can move the needle for your organization, including:

  • Streamlined strategy development and execution to minimize costly customizations and coding
  • Comprehensive data assets across multiple sources to ensure ID verification and a holistic view of your prospect
  • Proactive monitoring and real-time visibility to challenge and rapidly adjust strategies as needed

Download the full case study

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