Capitalize on Tax Return Season with Vehicle Sales and Service Offers

Published: April 7, 2023 by Kelly Lawson

Experian marketing solutions target the right audience

Dealers are always looking for reasons to connect with consumers. From back-to-school or graduation specials to holiday offers, dealers leverage seasonal and routine aspects of daily life to connect with consumers. Tax season offers a unique annual opportunity to position your vehicles and dealership for purchase by a consumer expecting a tax refund. In many cases, even consumers not receiving a hefty tax refund will be receptive to the tax time message. With the right strategy, message, and audience, you can market to consumers who are a few thousand dollars richer!

Consider a tax refund match program

Even if you are not in a position to offer consumers extraordinary sales offers, you may be able to create some special dealership-level seasonal offers that take your tax refund message to the next level. For example, offering a Tax Refund match program that offers consumers a discount off a vehicle matching the tax refund applied as a down payment would surely make your dealership stand out!

Target consumers with service incentives

What about consumers who did not expect refunds or have already spent them? Perhaps offering service incentives such as offering free tax filing software with the purchase of a prepaid service plan would be appealing. Or simply incentivize consumers to receive a discount coupon book during tax season to lighten the burden tax season brings.

Tax season often sets the stage for the spring and summer vehicle sales season. Setting the stage by offering service incentives and tax refund matching programs creates rapport with your consumers that you can build upon.

Start developing more effective marketing strategies

The Experian Marketing Engine (EME) gives dealers and agencies the ability to build effective marketing plans by providing comprehensive market analysis along with powerful audience list creation. Tax time is just one of many messages dealers can deploy utilizing EME’s solutions. At Experian Automotive, we leverage our world-class data set to give our dealer and agency clients unparalleled information to market effectively.

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