Electric Vehicles 2022 Year in Review: New Infographic Released

March 23, 2023 by Kirsten Von Busch

Experian Automotive 2002 EV Insights Infographic

Experian Automotive just released electric vehicle data insights in our 2022 Electric Vehicle Year In Review infographic. As you know, EVs continue to dominate the headlines; sales volumes are increasing with new model availability and expanded consumer adoption. As the market continues to expand, we can help ensure you are aware of the current state of the EV market.

How many vehicles are on the road in the United States, and what percentage are electric? How many new retail vehicles have been registered in the last year, and what percentage are electric? What are the top EV makes and models? We know Tesla has been a market leader, but what percent of market share do others manufactures and their makes currently hold?

In addition, we know that 36% of new, retail electric vehicle registrations are in California, but what are the top DMAs for electric vehicles, and what are the fastest-growing DMAs as market adoption continues? As the market continues to expand, what are demographic and psychographic insights for the new retail EV buyer?

Get the answers with our newly released Infographic: Electric Vehicles 2022 Year in Review

Our data scientists have compiled a full year of EV data insights into one detailed Infographic. Data elements of the graphic include:
• Vehicles on the road; the percentage that are EV
• New retail registrations for the last 12 months; the percentage that is EV
• Top new retail EV registrations by make & model
• New retail EV registrations by geography, including the Top Designated Market Areas (DMAs) and fastest growing DMAs
• New retail EV buyer demographic and psychographic insights, including generational insights, top lifestyle segments, top buying style, and top media/channel preference.

Electric Vehicle Infographic Experian Automotive

View and download the complimentary Infographic today
. We will be updating this piece every six months and will let you know when a new Infographic is available.