Alaskans use more of their available credit than any other state

July 21, 2013 by admin

Using data from IntelliViewSM, Credit.com recently compiled a list of states with the highest average bankcard utilization rates. Alaska took first place, with an average utilization ratio of 27.73 percent. This should come as no surprise since Alaska has recently topped lists for highest credit card balances and highest revolving debt.

Here are the top 10 states ranked by highest average bankcard utilization ratio:

1. Alaska: 27.73 %
2. Mississippi: 23.11 %
3. Georgia: 22.93 %
4. Alabama: 22.49 %
5. Nevada: 22.16 %
6. Arkansas: 22.02 %
7. Oklahoma: 21.83 %
8. South Carolina: 21.82 %
9. Texas: 21.59 %
10. Louisiana: 21.55 %

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Source: 10 States That Are Maxxed Out on Credit Cards

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