Three Things to Do as You Start Your Advanced Analytics Journey

Published: November 12, 2019 by Kelly Nguyen

AI, machine learning, and Big Data – these are no longer just buzzwords. The advanced analytics techniques and analytics-based tools that are available to financial institutions today are powerful but underutilized. And the 30% of banks, credit unions and fintechs successfully deploying them are driving better data-driven decisions, more positive customer experiences and stronger profitability.

As the opportunities surrounding advanced analytics continue to grow, more lenders are eager to adopt these capabilities to make the most of their datasets. And it’s understandable that financial institution are excited at the possibilities and insights that advanced analytics can bring to their business. However, there are some key considerations to keep in mind as you begin this important digital transformation.

Here are three things you should do as your financial institution begins its advanced analytics journey.

  1. Ensure consistent and clean data quality
    Companies have a plethora of data and information on their customers. The main hurdles that many organizations face is being able to turn this information into a clean and cohesive dataset and formulating an effective and long-term data management strategy. Trying to implement advanced analytic capabilities while lacking an effective data governance strategy is like building a house on a poor foundation – likely to fail. Data quality issues, such as inconsistent data, data gaps, and incomplete and duplicated data, also haunt many organizations, making it difficult to complete their analytics objectives. Ensuring that issues in data quality are managed is the key to gaining the correct insights for your business.
  1. Establish and maintain a single view of customers
    The power of advanced analytics can only be as strong as the data provided. Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize that advanced analytics is much more powerful when companies are able to establish a single view of their customers. Companies need to establish and maintain a single view of customers in order to begin implementing advanced analytic capabilities. According to Experian research, a single customer view is a consistent, accurate and holistic view of your organization’s customers, prospects, and their data. Having full visibility and a 360 view into your customers paves the way for companies to make personalized, relevant, timely and precise decisions. But as many companies have begun to realize, getting this single view of customers is easier said than done. Organizations need to make sure that data should always be up-to-date, unique and available in order to begin a complete digital transformation.
  1. Ensure the right resources and commitment for your advanced analytics initiative
    It’s important to have the top-down commitment within your organization for advanced analytics. From the C-suite down, everyone should be on the same page as to the value analytics will bring and the investment the project might require. Organizations that want to move forward with implementing advanced analytic capabilities need to make sure to set aside the right financial and human resources that will be needed for the journey. This may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. A common myth is that the costs of new hardware, new hires and the costs required to maintain, configure, and set up new technology will make advanced analytics implementation far too expensive and difficult to maintain. However, many organizations don’t realize that it’s not necessary to allocate large capital expenses to implement advanced analytics. All it takes is finding the right-sized solution with configurations to fit the team size and skill level in your organization. Moreover, finding the right partner and team (whether internal or external) can be an efficient way to fill temporary skills gaps on your team.

No digital transformation initiative is without its challenges. However, beginning your advanced analytics journey on the right footing can deliver unparalleled growth, profitability and opportunities.

Still not sure where to begin? At Experian, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you harness the full power and potential of data and analytics. Our consultants and development teams have been a game-changer for financial institutions, helping them get more value, insight and profitability out of their data and modeling than ever before.

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