Managing fraud in a mobile world

By: Maria Moynihan

Mobile devices are everywhere, and landlines and computer desktops are becoming things of the past. A recent American Marketing Association post mentioned that there already are more than 1 billion smartphones and more than 150 million tablets worldwide. As growth in mobile devices continues, so do expectations around convenience, access to mobile-friendly sites and apps, and security.

What is your agency doing to get ahead of this trend? Allocating resources toward mobile device access and improved customer service is inevitable, and, arguably, investment and shifts in one of these areas ultimately will affect the other. As ease of information and services improves online or via mobile app, secure logons, identity theft safeguards and authentication measures must all follow suit.

Industry best practices in network security call for advancements in:

  • Authenticating users and their devices at the point of entry
  • Detecting new and emerging fraud schemes in processes
  • Developing seamless cross-checks of individuals across channels

Click here to see what leading information service providers like Experian are doing to help address fraud across devices. There is a way to confidently authenticate individuals without affecting their overall user experience. Embrace the change.