Credit card delinquencies below prerecession levels

March 8, 2012 by josephine.munis

Experian’s recently released study on the credit card and mortgage payment behaviors* of consumers both nationally and in the top 30 Metropolitan Statistical Areas yielded interesting findings. Nationally, since 2007, 20 percent fewer credit card payments are 60 days late, but 25 percent more consumers are paying their mortgage 60 days late.

The cities that showed the most improvements to bankcard payments include Cleveland, Ohio; San Antonio, Texas; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; and Houston, Texas. Cities that have made the least improvements to their credit card payments include Riverside, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; Tampa, Fla.; Phoenix, Ariz.; and Miami, Fla.  Additionally, the data shows only four cities that improved in making mortgage payments: Cleveland, Ohio; Minneapolis, Minn.; Denver, Colo.; and Detroit, Mich.

*All payment data is based on 60-day delinquencies.

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