Segment of One Decisioning

By: Wendy Greenawalt

Large financial institutions have acknowledged for some time that taking a more consumer-centric versus product-centric approach can be a successful strategy for an organization. However, implementing such a strategy can be difficult, because inherently organizations want to promote a specific product for one reason or another. With the current economic unrest, organizations are looking for ways to improve customer loyalty with their most profitable and lowest risk customers. They are also looking for ways to improve offers to consumers to provide segment of one decisioning, while satisfying organizational goals.

Customer management, and specifically cross-sell or up-sell strategies, are a great example of where organizations can implement what I call “segment of one decisioning”.  In essence, this refers to identifying the best possible decision or outcome for a specific consumer when given multiple offers, scenarios and objectives. Marketers strive to identify the best strategies to maximize decision-making, while minimizing costs. For many, this takes the form of models and complex strategy trees or spreadsheets to identify the ideal offering for a segment of consumers. While this approach is effective, algorithm-based decisioning processes exist that can help organizations identify the optimal decisioning strategies, while considering all possible options at a consumers level. By leveraging an optimization tool, organizations can expand the decision process by considering all variables and all alternatives to find the most cost effective, most-likely-to-be-successful strategies. By optimizing decisions, marketers can determine the ideal offer, while quantifying the ROI and adhering to budgetary or other campaign constraints.

Many organizations are once again focusing on account growth and building strategies to implement in the near future. With the limited pool of qualified candidates and increased competition, it is more important than ever that each consumer offer be the best to increase response rates, achieve portfolio growth goals and build a profitable portfolio.