Success at a glance: Turning incomplete patient data from COVID-19 testing and vaccinations into valid reimbursable claims

Published: July 27, 2021 by Experian Health

“Experian Health’s speed and ability to speak our business language definitely impressed us,” said ACS president, Tim Anderson. “Some of the claims were valid for only a few more weeks, and we were able to submit them in plenty of time. This is the best, fastest platform we’ve seen to reconcile duplicate and data-deficient records. It really helped us achieve the best possible resolution for our clients and our company.”

Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) was contracted with numerous labs in Louisiana to submit billing claims, primarily to Medicare, for testing that occurred in the first months of the pandemic. Unfortunately, in the chaos and scramble to offer testing services as quickly as possible in nursing homes and testing sites, the labs struggled to collect needed information to submit valid claims – in particular the Medicare beneficiary’s MBI number, or even a Social Security number.

As the pandemic response progressed, a similar challenge developed around the administration of vaccines, particularly in mass vaccination sites and other off-site vaccination centers. Providers struggled to get more than a name and maybe a birthdate, address, or phone number. This left a gap in ACS’ efforts to submit private insurance and Medicare reimbursement claims on behalf of their clients.

ACS worked with Experian Health and our Universal Identity Manager (UIM) platform, delivering the Experian Single Best Record (ESBR) – the matching of records through aggregation of disparate information and delivering a single record that accurately identifies separate records that belong to one person. The platform uses multiple data sources to verify, match and consolidate disparate records into one “best record.”

ACS assembled the records requiring more identifying data and prepared them for secure transfer to Experian Health.
Experian Health securely accepted more than 75,000 patient records and ran them through the UIM platform in 24 hours. It was critical to assign an SSN to as many individual records as possible, and to confirm an associated MBI number for Medicare billing, if applicable.

Results included:

  • 69% assigned unique records
  • 12% identified as duplicate records
  • With the information delivered back from the matched records, ACS had all the necessary data needed to continue the billing process. Within a week claims were submitted, expected to exceed $20 million in collections when the process is completed.

The ACS group was experienced, savvy and data ready. Their expertise enabled an elegant and efficient exchange and complemented Experian Health’s capabilities. ACS expects to continue to use Experian Health’s UIM platform throughout the pandemic and also for mitigating duplicate records and preparing claims for submission.

Learn more about how our Universal Identity Manager (UIM) platform can help your organization eliminate duplicate patient records.

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