Presidential order marks major push for price transparency

Published: June 24, 2019 by Jason Considine

The President, members of Congress and consumer advocates are all demanding price transparency within the healthcare universe.  The major push of late is President Trump’s executive order that will be issued in June 2019; while critics hope this initiative will fade, the topic has been on the industry radar for many, many years.

How did we get to today’s scenario?

We have a robust perspective on this subject at Experian Health because we’ve been working with healthcare organizations offering various solutions that inform consumers about the costs of their care for more than 10 years. We brought to market the first iteration of our current Patient Estimates product back in 2008, responding, in part, to the growing issue of medical debt and inherent risk to providers not getting full payment for services.

The challenges presented by medical debt are well documented, but the important point to focus on is that as long as Americans continue to lack the ability to pay for their care and health organizations struggle with collections, the push towards price transparency will continue. Perhaps this is much needed progress? Since 1957, nearly 75% of Americans have consistently reported being insured but unable to pay their medical bills, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control. Now, more than 50 years later, many legislators hope mandated price transparency will alleviate the surprise factor of medical costs and spur a more competitive environment.

In 2008, helping patients understand their costs was intended to improve providers’ collections success. The term ‘price transparency,’ with additional connotations (e.g. better experience for the patient, improved efficiencies), popped up about the same time as the introduction of very high deductible health plans. The phrase started gaining traction following passage of the Affordable Care Act, and as patients were responsible for more of their medical costs. Add in the rise of consumerism within healthcare and Americans’ digital lifestyles, and it’s no surprise there are calls for pricing to be as easy to understand as they are in the retail space.

We harness the power of data and analytics to fulfill these needs in the marketplace. The healthcare industry was ripe for change more than a decade ago, as evidenced by the desire of organizations to leverage what we could offer. While there is continued debate on the transparency topic, the good news is today’s data-driven technology can create a patient financial experience that is friendly, understandable and accessible, delivering the good-faith estimates many consumers, legislators and the industry-at-large wish to see.

Consumerism drives price transparency expectations

Ultimately, the financial aspect to care is a key component to consumers’ satisfaction with a provider. This realization began to bubble to the surface over the last several years. In fact, Experian Health conducted research last year to understand consumer pain points during the healthcare journey. Consequently, it was no surprise when the study revealed consumers’ biggest frustrations and challenges – above clinical areas – is dealing with the financial aspects of healthcare:

  • 90 percent of respondents ranked worrying about paying their medical bills as a very important to extremely important pain point.
  • 30 percent acknowledged the challenges of determining what financial support options (e.g., payment plans, government grants, and hospital charity care programs) are available
  • 90 percent reported significantly underestimating the costs associated with major medical procedures (e.g., knee replacement)

The takeaway from this study is clear: consumers want a streamlined payment process that builds confidence and provides peace of mind. We know that healthcare providers want to increase the efficiency and success of their collections efforts. Ultimately, everyone benefits from clarity around pricing.

So whether government-mandated or not, there is no denying that price transparency, in some form, is here to stay and a transformation in the industry is taking hold. Experian Health is leading the way to innovations that will help healthcare organizations thrive in this new era. By leveraging our expertise in data and analytics and our understanding of healthcare costs, we can help patients successfully navigate their financial obligations from primary care appointments through subsequent diagnostic procedures and surgeries. The potential is there for everyone to benefit from an evolved, modern system.

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