Experian Health ranked #1 in Best in KLAS for 2024

Published: February 21, 2024 by Experian Health

Experian Health ranked #1 in Best in KLAS for 2024

Experian Health ranked #1 in Best In KLAS for our ClaimSource® claims management system and Contract Manager and Analysis product – for the second consecutive year. The rankings were revealed in the annual 2024 Best in KLAS Awards – Software and Services, published on February 7, 2024. The Awards recognize the top software and services vendors that are helping American healthcare professionals deliver the best possible patient care, based on feedback from thousands of providers.

Experian Health topped the list in two categories:

  • ClaimSource ranked #1 in Claims Management and Clearinghouse. This automated and scalable solution reduces denials and increases revenue through a single application. The addition of an artificial intelligence component this year (AI AdvantageTM) is helping providers cut denial rates to just 4%, compared to an industry average of more than 10%.
  • Contract Manager and Analysis ranked #1 in Revenue Cycle: Contract Management. This product levels the playing field with payers by monitoring compliance with contract terms and recovering underpayments. It also arms providers with financial models of proposed contracts, so they can negotiate more favorable terms.

Case study: See how Hattiesburg Clinic in Mississippi uses ClaimSource to automate claims management and reduce denials.

The awards come as the industry grapples with ongoing staffing challenges and rising claim denials. In Experian Health’s 2023 report on the healthcare staffing crisis, 100% of respondents saw staffing shortages affect revenue cycle management and patient engagement. As the pressure continues, revenue cycle technology offers a way to increase efficiency and improve financial performance. “Healthcare professionals face immense pressures, ranging from financial strains to staffing shortages and the very real issue of clinician burnout,” says Adam Gale, CEO and Founder of KLAS Research. “We want to provide actionable insights that will ultimately alleviate burdens and enhance clinician success.”

For Tom Cox, President of Experian Health, the awards reflect a continuing commitment to help providers optimize operations and patient engagement using data-driven insights and technology. “This recognition from KLAS recognizes our dedication to deliver innovative solutions that not only improve the financial health of providers but also the patient experience. Receiving this award two years in a row is an honor as we remain steadfast in our commitment to simplifying healthcare through technology.”

Find out more about how ClaimSource and Contract Manager and Contract Analysis helps healthcare organizations increase efficiency and boost financial performance.

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