Managing incomplete submissions, denials, corrections and rebilling is overwhelming without a way to prioritize

Unless you have real-time visibility into the claims workflow, you may be missing the misalignments that result in denied claims, operational inefficiency and lost revenue. ClaimSource® provides the workflow and automation you need to prioritize claims that need attention and minimize financial impact.

Focus first on high-impact accounts

ClaimSource accesses insurance eligibility, patient demographics, payer compliance as well as claims and claim status from a single framework. It then automatically prioritizes the workload, so your staff can address the accounts in the order that makes the most financial sense.

Manage more efficiently

This tool integrates seamlessly with Experian Health’s other solutions, including those used in the patient access and registration areas of your organization. You’re able to apply a national library of standard government and commercial payer specific policy edits to claims prior to submission, and individual provider edits can be created to accommodate your business needs.

ClaimSource also integrates ERA data directly with your internal accounting system and automates posting of claim payments and ERA data back into your host data system

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