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Young Cosmopolitans

Upper middle-class is a term that is used often, yet it's rarely defined. Now you can get not only a precise definition, but also put your upper middle-class marketing strategies into action to reach this profitable sector. When marketers use lifestyle mailing lists from Experian and Mosaic®, the distinctive connection between geography and households enables them to naturally utilize targeted segments across all phases of analysis, planning and execution. The traits on this page describe most of the people in one specific upper middle-class marketing sector.


Residents are young, single, college-educated and earning upper middle-class incomes as white-collar professionals, managers and executives. They live in luxury apartments and condos in fast-growing cities, including many college towns.

3.22 percent of U.S. households

  • Many are under 35, single and earning above-average incomes as white-collar workers
  • Commute to work in sporty subcompacts, and nearly half hold college degrees
  • Hold fast-track jobs in finance, information services and the arts
  • Are almost twice as likely as average Americans to have graduate degrees
  • Earn dual incomes if married, as it's a given that both spouses work
  • Avoid extravagant purchases
  • These upscale young people work hard, play hard and live comfortable lifestyles
  • Keep up with the latest in-home design and shop at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and Ikea
  • Have prosperous leisure lives and travel frequently for business and pleasure
  • Like to look good and feel good, whether they're on the town or at home
  • Enjoy city-quality amenities, such as restaurants, movies, theaters and nightlife
  • Keep fit with jogging, weightlifting, yoga and cardio machines at health clubs
  • Patronize high-end stores like Bloomingdale's, J. Crew and Victoria's Secret
  • Are big purchasers of all kinds of tech gear, including iPods, BlackBerrys and Xbox consoles
  • Are often too busy to stay at home to watch television or read a magazine
  • Would rather go out and get their entertainment on a stage or a big screen
  • Make a strong audience for news, comedy and late-night talk shows
  • Catch music videos on MTV and VH1
  • Keep their radios tuned to alternative rock and adult contemporary music stations
  • Are not fans of magazines other than youth-oriented fashion and fitness titles (Shape, Elle)
  • Increasingly spend time online at news and travel sites and social networking forums

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