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Professional Urbanites

Mosaic® and Experian® have segmented and profiled U.S. neighborhoods along numerous elements to help you maximize your senior marketing plan and obtain high-value customers. Over the last 20 years, Experian has built more than 40 global segmentation systems, giving us significant insight into the top sources of data and tactics to provide you with the best senior marketing leads. The following traits describe the majority of people in this group.


An upper-middle-class retirement oasis in the metropolitan sprawl containing very active empty-nesting couples and older singles enjoying cosmopolitan lifestyles.

2.09 percent of U.S. households

  • Are aging, well-off and conservative, with most residents over age 65
  • Have already empty-nested, with their children having gone off to college and work
  • Boast college degrees with above-average incomes in the twilight of their careers
  • Are or were white-collar professionals and managers in retail, education and health care
  • Live in relatively new homes and well-kept apartments
  • Purchase clothes at upscale boutique stores like Talbots and Ann Taylor
  • Buy home furnishings from big-box stores like Costco, Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Hang on to old consumer electronics, such as stereos, and favor 35-mm cameras over digital
  • Have high rates for traveling abroad, taking cruises and staying at vacation resorts in the United States
  • Attend live theater and operas, frequent restaurants and antique shows, and visit casinos
  • Like to drive full-size luxury cars, and their preferred sports are golfing and boating
  • Look for environmentally friendly products that, in their words, "have stood the test of time"
  • Are media traditionalists, likely to read papers, subscribe to magazines and listen to the radio
  • Enjoy family-friendly entertainment
  • Turn to news-oriented magazines (U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek and New Yorker)
  • Watch cable news networks like CNN, CNBC and Fox News
  • Have high rates for watching the Hallmark Channel, Turner Classic Movies and A&E
  • Are newcomers to the Internet, and some find computers confusing
  • Prefer radio stations that go back to an earlier age (big band, easy listening and classical)
  • Starting to go online to trade stocks, make travel reservations and seek medical information

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