Rural villages and farms

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America's Farmlands

Experian® empowers our business-to-consumer clients to remain on the cutting edge of market trends. Mosaic® USA consumer lifestyle segmentation was developed using consumer demographic information from Experian's wealth of data assets, including INSOURCESM, which provides coverage for more than 110 million households and 220 million individuals; demographic estimates from Applied Geographic Solutions; and the U.S. Census. Now you can buy mailing lists online that are reasonably priced. Below are the details of most of the households in one particular consumer group.


Remote farming communities scattered across the nation, America's Farmlands has the highest percentage of farmers (more than nine times the national average) in the United States.

1.04 percent of U.S. households

  • Have high school diplomas and middle-class incomes
  • Live in rural, older, single-family homes on large plots of land
  • Population density is less than one-tenth the national average
  • Own multiple vehicles and have large families
  • Have conservative social and family values, and nearly three-quarters of residents are married
  • Cultivate down-home lifestyles that are conservative and family-centered
  • Are hard-working, self-reliant, traditional households and somewhat geographically isolated
  • The men most likely do the work, fish and hunt, and the women cook, clean, sew and garden
  • Sunday is probably reserved for going to church and spending time together as a family
  • Have outdoor-oriented interests, with high rates of camping, horseback riding and skiing
  • Are more likely to take a domestic trip to a national park than a vacation outside the U.S.
  • Have few commercial options and often must travel more than an hour to go shopping
  • Shop at discount department stores like Wal-Mart, Big Lots and Shopko
  • Stock up on frozen products - pizza, orange juice and TV dinners
  • Represent a strong audience for a number of media
  • Are fans of broadcast news and prime-time comedy programs
  • Watch family cable channels, such as Hallmark, TV Land and the Outdoor Channel
  • Score high for reading Reader's Digest, Woman's World and Field & Stream magazines
  • Like to tune in to country and adult contemporary music on the radio
  • Have found community on the Internet, going online to use email and look up weather reports
  • Are still more comfortable getting their news and information from the daily paper
  • Read the Sunday classifieds looking for deals every week

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