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Suburban Advantage

When retirement looms, many Americans downsize their housing, seeking out resort-like communities near major medical facilities. Now you can get a share of the lucrative retirement market, with a Suburban Advantage mailing list from Experian and Mosaic®. The following traits describe most of the people in this group.


Empty-nesting couples and retirees living in middle-class homes and condominium developments in dense retirement communities - many along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. One-third of residents are retired and share a secure standard of living with other seniors and the tourists who visit their vacation communities.

1.15 percent of U.S. households

  • Have college degrees and, if they still work, hold white-collar and managerial jobs
  • Are inquisitive, health-conscious Americans living in maturing households
  • Earn comfortable incomes in health care, education and financial services
  • Avoid extravagant purchases
  • Enjoy comfortable but not lavish lifestyles and manage money carefully
  • Are fairly conservative in their retail choices and don't buy the latest consumer electronics
  • Like mainstream clothing retailers such as Dillard's and Bealls
  • Like to spend their leisure time going to movies, concerts, nightclubs and antique shows
  • Invest their money in stocks, CDs, corporate bonds and fixed-rate annuities for their IRAs
  • Exercise by golfing, hiking and working out on cardio machines and stationary bicycles
  • Avoid extravagant purchases
  • Are media traditionalists, likely to read the daily and Sunday newspapers from cover to cover
  • Represent a strong market for newspapers but are infrequent Web users
  • Read Martha Stewart Living, Ladies' Home Journal, AARP and Sports Illustrated magazines
  • Like television documentaries, reality shows and sports (A&E, History Channel and ESPN)
  • Tune in to radio for talk shows, especially news, sports and business programs
  • Own satellite radios at high rates (one of their few expressions of being tech-savvy)
  • Turn to the Internet mostly to look up directions on MapQuest or to buy books on Amazon