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Prosperous, established couples in their peak earning years living in suburban homes

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Booming with Confidence


The four segments in Booming with Confidence contain married couples in their peak earning years and approaching retirement. Many of the households have dual incomes and few children, allowing them to afford fashionable homes on small, manicured yards in city and suburban neighborhoods. Having made a conscious effort to distance themselves from the noise and chaos of the urban core, they've retreated to the quiet and predominantly white homogeneity of desirable neighborhoods only a short commute from their jobs.

Market Size

5.34 percent of U.S. households

Key Traits
Baby boomers Upscale living
Experienced travelers Sports enthusiasts
Physical fitness Financially-responsible
Responsible Brand-aware
Loyal Diverse households
Digital Media Behavior

The older couples in this group make a solid audience for digital media. They use the Internet for utilitarian purposes: to trade stocks, get news, book airline tickets, and follow the leaders on the PGA tour. Increasingly, these silver surfers are going online to shop, both gathering information about products, and making purchases. Although they're still not comfortable using social networks, they do go online to stay in touch with family and friends by sending emails and photographs to loved ones.

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