Business Credit Advantage

Manage your small business credit report and receive instant alerts

Business Credit Monitoring

Business Credit Advantage is a self-monitoring service that allows unlimited access to a company's business credit report and score. An invaluable tool for proactively managing your business credit, Business Credit Advantage provides a fast, economical way to access your company's business credit report and guard against identity theft. Ongoing knowledge of exactly what’s in your company's credit report ultimately can help your business optimize future growth, from building capital to gaining customers.

Business Credit Advantage effectively helps to:

  • Protect your company’s business information from misuse or fraud
  • Provide better awareness and avoid surprises
  • Ensure immediate action is taken when changes occur in a commercial credit report
  • Manage the factors that drive a company's business credit score
  • Maximize opportunity for business growth and reputation
  • Enable healthy management behaviors separating personal credit risk from business credit risk
Protect your company's credit information

Experian monitors business credit information daily, ensuring immediate action may be taken if something changes in your profile. Instant email alerts to changes in a business credit report also protect you from potential fraud or default.

Examples of email alerts include:

  • Business address changes
  • Credit score changes
  • Newly opened credit tradelines
  • Credit inquiries on the business profile
  • Uniform Commercial Code filings
  • Public record filings, including bankruptcy, liens and judgments
  • Collection filings