Business information and verification reports

From Experian

Verify a business' information


Confidently make smaller, lower-risk credit decisions with some quick business research. This affordable summary report gives you a snapshot view of a business's credit file. Even if a company hasn't yet established an Experian credit score, you still will obtain basic business information to make smart decisions.

Each business information report provides:

Key facts - This is the main information and includes the following:
  • Address
  • Business type
  • Experian file number
  • Date file was established
  • Number of years on file
The Key Facts section also may include any of the following, based on availability:
  • Sales
  • Number of employees
  • Names and titles of key personnel
  • Number of years in business
  • Date of incorporation
  • Primary business activity
  • Other demographic data
Credit, payment and collections information:
  • Number of bankruptcies
  • Number of liens
  • Number of judgments files
  • Number of collections
Banking, leasing and insurance information:
  • Uniform Commercial Code filings

This brief summary report is ideal for verifying essential business information. It provides any available facts and figures on companies in our database — even for those that have not yet established business credit scores. If you have recently opened a business, check this report to see if you are listed in our national database.