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How to Market to Baby Boomers

Mosaic® neighborhood segmentation is a grouping method of geographic vicinities based on their demographics, ways of life, and other elements. Market segmentation should be the starting point for building targeted and successful marketing campaigns. Order these mailing lists when marketing to baby boomers and watch your customer list grow. Here is more detailed information on the White-Collar Suburbia segment.


A haven for upscale, college-educated baby boomers living in suburban comfort in expensive new subdivisions.

1.43 percent of nationwide households

  • Have the highest concentration of Asians in the nation - about four times the U.S. average
  • Most of the adults are married with children and have attended college
  • Most are employed as white-collar professionals, managers, and executives
  • High incomes allow them to purchase expensive homes in relatively new subdivisions
  • Most households have couples who both work, and one in six has three workers in the family
  • This helps to explain why many own more cars than in any other Mosaic type
  • Are unabashedly family-centered and take pride in pursuing active, healthy lifestyles
  • Are into aerobic exercise and enjoy jogging, biking, and working out on cardio machines
  • Own SUVs and minivans to transport children and friends to school, sports, malls, and movies
  • Like to travel in the United States and abroad
  • Interested in keeping up with the latest styles in fashion and consumer electronics
  • Frequently shop at stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew
  • Give advice to friends on technology purchases like music and recording devices
  • Often research products on the Internet before they buy
  • Eclectic media consumers who enjoy newspapers, radio, television, and an array of magazines
  • Broad television viewers of everything from HBO and PBS to Jeopardy! and The Apprentice
  • Fans of news talk, classic rock, and adult contemporary radio stations
  • Adventurers who research their destinations online and through print media
  • Readers of Budget Travel, Endless Vacations, and Consumer Reports magazines
  • Internet users for almost everything, including auctions, banking, digital imaging, and sports

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