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New Suburbia Families

Mosaic® is a categorization that paints a rich picture of consumers in the United States in terms of their sociodemographics, culture, everyday lives and behaviors. Experian® offers you the most comprehensive and accurate analysis of potential and current customers. With in-depth lifestyle and demographic categories, you can build mailing lists that fit the uniqueness of your customer base. For example, if you are marketing to parents, consider the following demographics and lifestyle characteristics of the "New Suburbia Families" segment.


Young, affluent working couples with preschool children concentrated in fast-growing metro fringe communities, mainly in the West and the Southwest.

2.82 percent of U.S. households

  • Have more than tripled in number since 1990
  • Many are under 35 years old and earn six-figure incomes
  • Live in new subdivisions (built after 1999) worth nearly 50 percent above the U.S. average
  • More than two-thirds have multiple workers in the labor force
  • Are college-educated and employed as managers, executives and white-collar professionals
  • Have crafted active, children-centered lifestyles, participating in a number of team sports
  • Drive kids in SUVs and minivans to activities and to zoos, aquariums and campgrounds
  • Fill their grocery carts with pizza, Pop Tarts and prepared lunch kits
  • Own toys, books, video games and electronics (cell phones, gaming systems, home theaters)
  • Have relatively large families where money needs to be managed
  • Maintain that price and functionality trump style
  • Purchase electronics and clothing at retailers like Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart
  • Have lengthy commutes to work
  • Contribute to 529 college savings plans
  • Can be debt-heavy due to first mortgages and home-equity loans
  • Are only moderate consumers of most media (because they are always on the go)
  • Are often too busy to read a newspaper or a magazine
  • Watch network sitcoms and reality shows as well as sports and entertainment
  • Tune in to cable channels such as ESPN, MTV and Comedy Central
  • Listen to radio stations that offer news, sports, classic rock and adult contemporary music
  • Go online to trade stocks, search for jobs and check out real-estate listings

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