Beyond the basics – Taking email to the next level

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

A basic email marketing campaign can produce significant results quickly. For many entrepreneurs, that's enough to comfortably grow sales and attract new customers.

Others, however, see the potential in taking email marketing to the next level.

Once you've mastered the basics of targeted email campaigns, try incorporating a few advanced techniques to improve email marketing. As you work to raise the bar of your email efforts, focus on what produces the best results. In testing advanced techniques, you may find that your subscribers prefer a more basic approach. Bottom line: Keep an open mind, and put your customers first.

So, are you ready to improve your email marketing?

Refine your email campaign based on results

Analyze the reporting from your email campaigns. What does the data say about your customers and their preferences?

You might notice that certain content — tips lists or case studies, for example — continuously receive the most clicks. Tweak your content strategy to include more of those communication elements. Do charts and bar graphs receive a significant number of clicks? If so, then incorporate more visual, research-based items in your emails.

The popularity of content isn't the only type of data you can learn from. Look for patterns in the times and days you send your emails. You might learn that your messages get the most results when sent on Tuesday mornings, for example.

Provide your customers exactly what they want

List segmentation can improve your email marketing campaign. It allows you to fine-tune your campaign based on customer preferences. Here's how list segmentation works:

1. Split up your email list into groups based on a common factor. For example, you could segment your list based on age, education level, gender or past buying behavior.

2. Test out subtle tweaks on your groups to see what produces the best results. For example, send your groups different subject lines to determine which is more popular, or try different color schemes in your messages to see which is preferred.

3. Analyze and incorporate your findings in your messaging going forward.

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