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With the consumer population progressively growing in "green" activity and environmental awareness, marketers need a new set of methods and values for developing green consumer loyalty and optimizing green marketing efforts. GreenAwareSM is a first-of-its-kind consumer segmentation approach that defines four distinct segments of green consumers by consumer beliefs, media habits, attitudes, buying patterns and lifestyles. It allows you to identify the green consumer based on the degree of green activity and – one by one – convert green consumers into profitable customers. GreenAware helps you understand these critical connections by presenting you with a comprehensive view of green consumers:

Three unique Green segments are available

Think Greens

Think green, but do not necessarily act green when the practical value of the products is not there.

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  • Potential Greens

    Neither behave nor think along particularly environmentally conscious lines, and remain on the fence about key green issues.

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  • True Browns

    Not environmentally conscious, and may have negative attitudes about the green movement.

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  • Green Consumer Statistics

    A recent Simmons study indicates that the amount of Behavioral Greens – consumers with the greenest behaviors and attitudes – has risen by 7.3 million since 2006. These green consumers represent 31 percent of the population and consist of more than 34 million adults. Consequently, businesses have ramped up their offerings to determine the best method of identifying and converting the green consumer market into a bottom line impact.

    The Vital Difference between Attitude and Behavior

    A constant challenge when selling to the green consumer is that consumers’ pro-green viewpoints often do not translate into green behavior. For instance, based upon the Simmons Spring 2007 nationwide database, 58 percent of consumers consciously attempt to recycle. However, only 37 percent of these consumers would pay more for environmentally-friendly goods.

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