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First Time Homebuyers

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Looking to target a new set of highly responsive customers? First time homebuyers are a unique group of consumers with a variety of purchasing needs. They're receptive to advertising from different companies to help them find and finance their perfect home, as well as set it up with services and furnishings. Experian's First Time Homebuyers mailing list leverages our comprehensive ConsumerViewSM database of over 300 million consumers and more than 120 million households to predict people who are most likely to start looking to buy their first home.

Consumers who are in the market to purchase their first home need information, products and services they can trust from many types of companies. They are pressured with critical buying decisions during this anxious, but exciting time. Questions need to be answered about lending, insurance companies, credit reports and using a realtor, for example. People who buy their first home also have to make a variety of purchases to go along with the home; lawn care products, home accessories, furniture, etc. This list offers lots of opportunities for businesses to communicate with this group of people looking to make all sorts of new purchases.

Experian Marketing Services' First Time Homebuyers Model uses ConsumerView to identify a universe of people are likely to purchase their first home, giving you access to new leads. This list allows you to generate new revenue by tapping into a market of prospects as they are planning to purchase their first home.

For precise targeting, the First Time Homebuyers list provides detailed information on current renters who are likely to purchase a home for the first time in order to provide a comprehensive picture to businesses hoping to communicate and build relationships with potential new first-time homebuyers.