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Academic Influences

Family dynamics are continually transforming, as are the methods of marketing family-centered products and services. Improve the return on investment of your family marketing campaigns through more targeted advertising. Experian® gives you detailed insight into consumers, markets and economies in the United States and around the world - past, present and future. Now you can buy these valuable Mosaic® mailing lists online.

See below for a description of the typical household in one specific consumer group.


Students help set the tone of Academic Influences - multiethnic campus communities with wide-ranging interests, dominated by young, college-educated families and students living in gentrifying neighborhoods.

0.47 percent of U.S. households

  • This is a cluster where one in five residents lives in a dorm
  • Young families also dominate thanks to recent college grads who are married with children
  • These well-educated households have above-average incomes from white-collar jobs
  • Many have left student housing to buy their first home or condo in town
  • Housing values are nearly 40 percent above the U.S. average
  • Lifestyles are heavily influenced by young children
  • Families play just about every sport, including basketball, softball, soccer and football
  • They make frequent trips to theme parks, bowling alleys and movie theaters
  • Adults are smart shoppers who purchase the latest consumer electronics
  • The buy their clothes from retailers such as Target, Old Navy and J.C. Penney
  • They spend freely on their children, buying video games, infant toys, dolls and action figures
  • Many are still paying off education loans but invest in their employer's 401(k) programs
  • Residents spend enough time at home to be a strong media market and are Internet savvy
  • They watch broadcast television, especially shows like MADtv and The Simpsons
  • They're selective in their cable tastes, enjoying Nick at Nite and Oxygen
  • They subscribe to premium channels, such as Starz! and HBO
  • They listen to the radio for news and to music stations that play modern and alternative rock
  • Favorite magazines are Vibe, Sports Illustrated, Men's Health and Cooking Light
  • Households go online to check out news, participate in auctions and create photo albums

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