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Minority Metro Communities

Improve the performance of your direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. Reach the households that are the most important to you. Targeted marketing to African American professionals makes good business sense. Depend on Experian® for segmented African American mailing lists. More than 600 variables from the 2000 Census at the block and block group levels were used in building the Mosaic® classification system. The information below describes most of the households in this one specific consumer group.


Concentrated in inner-ring suburbs, these married couples and single-parent minorities earn above-average incomes from a mix of service industry and white-collar jobs in transportation, health care, education and public administration. Nearly three-quarters of the residents are African-American.

2.2 percent of U.S. households

  • Reflect the nation's growing African American middle class
  • Half the households earn more than $50,000, but the unemployment rate is high
  • Is a testament to educational success and professional employment among African Americans
  • Have settled into older homes and semidetached houses built in the 1960s
  • Have more households with single parents than married couples
  • For many, middle-class status remains a precarious achievement
  • Can afford comfortable leisure lives (those with solid incomes and single-family homes)
  • Go to movies and comedy clubs and belong to civic groups and fraternal orders
  • Get exercise at aerobics classes or bowling alleys
  • Make a strong market for youth-oriented toys, such as dolls, video games and educational toys
  • Are fashion- and budget-conscious consumers and like to wear the latest designer fashions
  • End up shopping at discount chains such as Marshall's, T.J. Maxx and Value City
  • Splurge on consumer electronics, including video game systems and handheld game devices
  • Are still more likely to own stereos than CD players and instant cameras over digital models
  • Drive midsize sedans and feel that foreign cars are more prestigious than American
  • Admit that their cars should catch people's attention
  • Are a strong market for ethnic media
  • Have high rates for reading magazines like Black Enterprise, Essence and Jet magazines
  • Tune in to radio stations that offer Southern gospel and religious programming
  • Are fans of television programs, especially those featuring minority actors and personalities
  • Show high rates for watching cable channels like ABC Family, TV Land and Comedy Central
  • Like television commercials and find them useful when buying children's clothes and products
  • Aren't big online users but go online to job search, download music and play games

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