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Correct Bad Addresses with USPS® Data

Experian® is now offering an online address validation, correction, and standardization solution that validates addresses in real time and cleanses data with a back-end batch service. Our address validation service is U.S. Postal Service® CASS Certified™ and Canada Post SERP certified and is offered via our partners at Intelligent Search Technology. The software is designed to overcome wide variations in address data and fix misspellings, inaccurate information, fill in omitted address elements, and standardize address records.

Address Validation
  • Greatly reduces returned mail
  • Saves money on postal costs
  • Qualifies you for CASSTM certification

More than 50 percent of businesses do not have strong confidence in their data or in their data quality strategy. Increase the confidence you have in your data today with our self service, real time, address validation service.

Address Validation Features
  • Uses the latest USPS® data
  • Validates addresses to the apartment/suite level
  • Corrects undeliverable addresses where possible
  • Produces a CASS™ certification report for mailing discounts
  • Appends latitude and longitude, business/residence or county code data.

2421 Lake Pan Coast 3A

Output: Corrected street and city, standardized apartment, added ZIP+4
2421 Lake Pancoast Dr Apt 3A
Miami Beach FL  33140-4617  

26900 Redwood Bluff
Los Angeles, CA

Output: Added street type, corrected city, appended ZIP+4
26900 Redwood Bluff Ln
Valencia CA  91381-0616

How It Works

Upload your list of addresses in a .csv, .txt or excel file using our secure file upload. Our batch process will then clean your address data and return it to you in real time. In addition to your cleaned list, you will receive a clean summary and a CASS PS3553 report, which can be submitted to the USPS® for postage discounts. If you have any trouble along the way, live support is available via phone and we will be more than happy to help you.

NCOALink® processing is provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the USPS®. The following trademarks are owned by the USPS®: NCOALink®, CASS CertifiedTM, and USPS®.