Address List Scrubbing Service

Before mailing your list, be sure you have up-to-date and deliverable addresses. Our address list cleaning service works to quickly validate addresses on the back-end. It checks your addresses against the latest USPS data, ensuring your address data is accurate and standardized.

Key Benefits

  • CASS Certified™ address verification software to qualify for mailing discounts
  • Increase ROI on marketing activities by improving your deliverability
  • Reduce returned mail and other costs associated with undeliverable mail

How it works

Once your file is uploaded, your data will be processed through our batch address verification service. In addition to getting back the records cleaned and updated, you will also receive Return Code, Move Type, Move Date, Address Error, Delivery Point Barcodes, Carrier Routes, Mail Score, and more.


  • Minimum of 100 records (not including header now)
  • Accept either .txt or .csv file formats (delimited or fixed width)
  • Processing only available for USA address data
  • Files will be processed within 1-2 business days

The following trademarks are owned by the USPS®: NCOALink® and CASS CertifiedTM.

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