Match postpaid plan with customer profile

Optimally match consumer cohorts to ideal service plans

Identify postpaid customers who are over or under-consuming their current service plan feature sets, recommending new postpaid plans that optimally balance consumer utilisation patterns across voice and data.

Postpaid postpaid recommendations

Deliver optimal postpaid plan recommendations

Our advanced analytics and decision strategies optimize the propensity and the credit risk of each consumer to recommend the best offers while minimizing the bad debt.

Customer Profiling Postpaid

Real-time customer profiling

Continually assess subscriber activities, behaviours and propensities from monthly raw data to ensure the best possible fit of service plans to consumer interests.


Improve customer satisfaction

Tailoring postpaid plans to subscribers according to their interests and usage significantly increases consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Minimise churn

Plans that best fit consumer needs and interests have the lowest churn rate, driving up loyalty and ARPU.

Boost revenue

Our suite of advanced algorithms accurately predict which subscribers should be offered the service plans that best meet their needs. This drives up revenue, reduces bad debt, and minimises churn.

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