Provides the right offer at the right time

Dynamic Prepaid Advance services for data and voice grows pre-paid revenue and reduces churn through instant pull or push credits.

The solution detects and notifies in real-time subscribers of insufficient balance events, including zero balance or low balance, to prevent service interruptions. 

Increase your ARPU

Offering subscribers quick access to small loans to maintain their voice and data services can not only generate a new revenue stream and boost ARPU, but also improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Full end-to-end

Save time and money with our full end-to-end service

Experian offers a comprehensive solution for network operators that includes managing the entire process of service setup, subscriber communication, and collections/disbursements.

The best part? It's all done without any additional costs. With Experian's expertise in managing these processes, network operators can focus on delivering top-notch services to their customers.

Clients Experience Results


Increase in number of transactions


ARPU increase


Churn rate


Data usage

Dynamic Prepaid Advance helps customers in need

With 60% of the population in Asia Pacific being unbanked, Dynamic Prepaid Advance allows credit-invisible consumers access to credit loans on their mobile devices, enabling them to stay in contact with friends and families when crises happen.

These pre-paid advance loans start the unbanked on a journey of credit worthiness, building a strong credit risk profile with the mobile carrier and enabling access to other financial products over time.


Best offer at the right time

Experian calculates the best offer for each subscriber in real time. MicroAnalytics calculates the most suitable advance amount and pricing based on the latest transaction and payment data.

Reduce churn and increase ARPU

By improving customer engagement, customer churn is reduced and ARPU increases. Clients benefit from up to a 40% reduction in churn and 1.5 times increase in ARPU from advance customers.

Offers only to eligible subscribers

Experian analytics screens, scores and extends credit to the largest possible pool of eligible subscribers. By maximising offers and minimising bad debt, our optimisation engine delivers the ultimate value

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