MicroAnalytics Platform

Challenges, Opportunities – Solved!

The MicroAnalytics platform provides a suite of products and services, all from the same technology framework, helping telcos and fintechs accurately predict credit risk, marketing propensities, and subscriber churn.

Start with one solution, easily turn on others, and benefit from the most predictive insights derived solely from payment and transaction details.

MicroAnalytics Platform - Quick Transition

Modular components enable rapid business benefits

The MicroAnalytics platform provides a modular approach to component-based services, enabling rapid deployment of new solutions, all based on the ever-evolving business needs and priorities of our clients. The MicroAnalytics platform can be deployed in a matter of days to address pressing business needs and can then expand over time as needed.

Have a churn problem? Start with our churn prediction and treatment service, and then add on our credit risk module, our dynamic prepaid service, or any other module. The MicroAnalytics platform seamlessly adapts to your real-time business priorities.

Cloud access

Swift access through cloud infrastructure

All MicroAnalytics solutions are accessible through the Experian cloud infrastructure, without having to purchase, configure and deploy costly IT servers.

Our API interfaces enable seamless integration into your existing network operations, encrypting data as required to meet client and regulatory standards.

Platform Capabilities

Experian Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Experian is a pioneer in advanced analytic scoring models to predict consumer behavior. From machine learning models to the latest in artificial intelligence, Experian continually monitors academic research in the predictive analytics field and applies innovative methods to client challenges and opportunities.

The result is a continuously improving suite of algorithms tailored specifically to each and every client.

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