MNOs have reduced the churn rate by up to 35%.

Migrate prepaid accounts with the highest ARPU opportunity

Using advanced analytics models trained on subscriber activities and propensities, Experian MicroAnalytics segments and targets accounts that are best suited for postpaid plans, increasing engagement and loyalty while also driving up revenue and ARPU.

MNOs have reduced the churn rate by up to 35%.

Optimise subscribers and plans

The MicroAnalytics platform continually assesses the prepaid customer base to quickly and accurately identify the most eligible accounts and subscribers.

Bespoke offers are then delivered through communication channels best suited to each subscriber, maximising response rates and conversion.

Choice of Plans

Subscriber choice

By enabling subscribers to choose from a variety of postpaid service plans, specifically curated from consumer risk and opportunity profiles, carriers can provide the ultimate in choice while appropriately controlling risk exposure.

  • Optionality for subscribers
  • Risk management for the operators
  • Optimised decision strategies, balancing availability of conversion offers with portfolio resilience across pre and post-paid accounts


Reduce churn rate

Churn rates decline considerably when low-risk prepaid subscribers migrate to a rolling postpaid plan.

Increased ARPU

Profitable and loyal prepaid subscribers drive higher spend on post-paid plans, driving higher revenue and ARPU for the network operators.

Banked and unbanked consumers

Postpaid conversion services analyse subscriber eligibility across banked and unbanked consumers, relying on data and insights derived from the carriers’ raw data feeds.

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