Deliver the optimal offer

Make the best lending decisions

For every consumer, the optimal offer is a combination of what they intend to use, combined with their ability to repay.

Experian MicroAnalytics combines unique credit risk insights with consumer propensity predictions and repayment history to make the very best lending decisions, one consumer and one loan at a time.

Instantly assess the remaining limit

Thorough credit risk assessment

Lending offers aren’t just a one-off decision. Experian MicroAnalytics takes into account historical loan performance, current loan utilisation and repayments, up-to-date credit risk assessments and eWallet transactions and balances to make optimal loan decisions, one consumer at a time.

Real-time assessments tied to instant consumer loan offers – the very best way to maximise loan conversion while minimizing credit risk losses.

Provide counter offer

Consumer counter-offers drive up acceptance rates

When the initial offer for a cash loan is rejected by the subscriber, a counteroffer enables consumers to evaluate other, more advantageous loan terms, such as a higher up-front down payment.

By providing these options, acceptance rates increase, consumer satisfaction increases and loan repayments improve.



Onboard new consumers

The MicroAnalytics cash loan service extends lending to subscribers who are typically excluded by more rudimentary loan services.

Improved customer satisfaction

Provide a counter-offer if the initial demand is too great for total financing by proposing an advance payment.

Bespoke loan criteria

Cash loan strategies are designed with each client in mind, tailoring candidate pools, loan terms and communication methods to existing marketing strategies.

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