MicroAnalytics Platform Layer

The mobile financial platform for credit risk and marketing opportunities

  • Improve ARPU and reduce churn with a platform that increases data and airtime usage, offers microloans, enables handset financing, recommends value-added services, and more.
  • All by combining the power of your own data with Experian’s proprietary analytical models and their operational infrastructure

Client Results


Increase in monthly airtime and data advances


Increase in incremental ARPU


ROI on monthly Experian service costs


Bad debt on lending products

Mobile Lending

Mobile Lending Suite

Create new revenue streams from lending services to your entire subscriber base. With Experian's Mobile Lending Suite, network operators and their financial partners become the best digital banking partner for your subscribers.

The Mobile Lending Suite include services such as:

  • Dynamic Prepaid Advances
  • Mobile Money Loans
  • Device Finance
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Cash Loans
  • Direct Carrier Billing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Suite

The Experian Mobile Marketing Suite helps mobile network operators reduce churn and increase ARPU through tailored upsell and cross-sell strategies.

The mobile marketing suite include services such as:

  • Churn Reduction and Optimal Treatments
  • Postpaid Expansion
  • Postpaid Plan Limit

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