Higher ARPU

Drive higher penetration of smartphones into your subscriber base

Experian profiles each customer for risk of late payments and likelihood to convert, enabling carriers to offer the most suitable handset upgrade to each subscriber.

By optimizing risk against likelihood of offer acceptance, we can maximize customer loyalty while keeping losses under control.

Riskless Handset Loans

Experian's handset locking system improves on-time payments

Thanks to new locking services, smartphones incrementally lose features the further the subscriber falls behind on payments.

By implementing a phased locked down approach, repayment rates are kept high while maintaining the loyalty of the subscribers.

Mobile Money Loans

Optimally match subscribers with the most suitable device

The MicroAnalytics Device Finance solution can match subscribers to any range of feature phones and smartphones available in-market.

  • Feature phone users can upgrade to a new smartphone with a device finance loan.
  • Smartphone users can use their device loan to upgrade to a newer, more feature-rich device.

Telecom Carrier Benefits

Diversify revenue

Subscribers upgrading their mobile devices generates new revenue streams for the network operator, both directly with the smartphone purchase, as well as from the extra data and in-app purchases enabled by the upgraded device.

Increase ARPU

Greater smart phone adoption drives higher ARPU and total revenue for the operator, both from direct network utilisation as well as value-added services.

Improve loyalty

Customers using newer phones become more reliant on the expanded set of services available, as well as the higher network connectivity, leading to higher loyalty and retention.

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