MNOs have reduced the churn rate by up to 35%.

Reduce your churn rate by up to 35%

One Network operator, using Experian predictive analytics and tailored treatment strategies, was able to reduce their churn rate from 10% down to 6.5%, a 35% reduction compared to the observation group.

360 view of subscribers

Sophisticated analytics generates a holistic 360° view of each subscriber

Change main text to: “The Churn Prediction & Remediation Service analyses each and every subscriber for early indicators of churn, then optimally matching treatment offers with at-risk subscribers, maximizing retention and ARPU while driving down churn rates.  The Churn Prediction & Remediation Suite of services include:

  • Risk scores, propensity scores, lifetime value scores, and other analytic predictions
  • Retention Recommendation Strategies
  • Intelligent decision engine 
  • Optimisation engine
  • Continuous reporting and measurement of performance against business goals

Reduce cost of acquisition

Reduce acquisition dependencies

The cost to replace profitable subscribers that churn is significant, in time, effort and capital.   Experian MicroAnalytics enables you to retain the subscribers you want to keep, with tailored offers that maximize the likelihood of acceptance and continuing utilisation while minimising the total cost to the operator. 

Client Benefits

Tailored strategies

Experian MicroAnalytics creates a bespoke churn reduction service for each operator, building predictive models to capture the subscribers most at risk and developing strategies that match retention offers with subscriber propensities.  The result is a highly effective and efficient churn reduction service that delivers immediate business benefits.

Increase customer retention

By identifying customers at risk of churn and taking proactive steps to retain them, operators will improve customer engagement and longevity.

Confidence in results

With a toolbox full of advanced machine learning and AI algorithms, Experian MicroAnalytics can predict the very best subscriber outcome amongst a continuum of possible offers.

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