Full end-to-end solution

Full end-to-end solution

Microloans are provided to eligible subscribers using the Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem. Credit risk assessments are based on consumer risk profiles as well as offer acceptance propensity models.

The MicroAnalytics solution fully manages the microloans service, from qualification to offers, from disbursement to collections.

Predict customer behavior

Proactively scores subscriber credit risk

Our solution use raw carrier data and Experian credit risk algorithms to predict the likelihood of each subscriber repaying their debts, ensuring high approval rates and low bad debt.

Real-time offer

Engage with subscribers at the optimal time

Consumer loan offers can be presented via messaging or directly in the Direct Carrier Billing interface at the time of unsuccessful purchase, allowing consumers the option to quickly enroll in a microloan and complete the purchase.


Revenue opportunity

Roughly 35% of Direct Carrier Billing purchases worldwide fail due to insufficient funds. The MicroAnalytics solution addresses purchase failure events by extending credit to those that are credit-eligible, transforming failed purchases into successful transactions and incremental revenue.

Improved loyalty

Resolving customer needs in the instant increases subscriber loyalty and reduces subscriber frustration – both valuable contributors to increased ARPU.

Speedy implementation

Our solution requires very light integration with carrier systems to install and configure the service.

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