Our Recruitment Process

UK&I Early Careers

There are just four stages to our recruitment process, each designed to bring out your skills, talent, and potential. Please click on our Current Vacancies button to view live roles.

CV Application

All applications are managed online. You can find live opportunities posted right here on our website. When you find a role of interest, all you need to do is hit apply.

We’ll then ask for a CV, some basic personal details and a few questions. Cover letters are not mandatory.

Online Testing

Depending on the role you apply for, your online testing may vary. We use a range of tools to help us understand more about you and your native abilities.

The most common is our SJT (Situational Judgement Test). This test helps us understand more about your natural behaviours and thought process. There’s no time limit however we recommend you don’t overthink it and go with you gut.

Video Interview

The third stage in our application process involves a one-way pre-recorded video Interview.

Video Interview plays an important role and helps us get to know you on a more personal and professional level.

In this stage you’ll be asked a series of short questions with a set time limit to respond to these. You will also have the option to re-record your answers.

Assessment Centre

Depending on the role you will either attend a group Assessment Centre, or a Final Stage Interview.

Assessment Centres typically lasts a few hours or a full day depending on the number of assessments.

Typical activities that you can expect include:

  • Introduction to the team
  • Group activity
  • Networking with previous students
  • 1on1 Interview
  • Individual exercises 

Application Tips

Discover how to ace your application.

When you find a suitable role of interest, all you need to do is hit apply. We’ll then ask for a CV, some basic personal details and a few questions. Cover letters are not mandatory.

All applications are managed online.

Our Top Tips:

  • Use Google, Linked in and the Experian Website to research ahead of an application.
  • Format, grammar and layout are important. Take the time to build a strong CV fit for purpose.
  • Show passion for the opportunity you’re applying for. If you can’t convey this consider whether you’re applying for the right role.
  • Check the application deadline on the company website. Don’t miss this.
  • Utilise your Employability team. Many Colleges and Universities have a dedicated team to help you with applications. Use them!

We look for students who are

Intellectually curious

You will love to learn. To discover how things “tick”. You will ask questions and not be afraid to challenge the status quo.

Driven to deliver

To excel and take pride in your work. To meet deadlines.

Willing to contribute

You will get stuck in and contribute ideas. We know you’ll make mistakes (everyone does!) but you will continually evolve. 

Proud to collaborate and be yourself

You won’t be afraid to help others. We want to see the authentic you, and to support you in delivering with integrity. 


To safeguard our future. To represent our brand. To do yourself and Experian proud.