How to Effectively Use Audiences for Traditional and Online Marketing

Published: August 30, 2022 by Kelly Lawson

Audience Targeting Experian Auto Audiences

To help your marketing dollars go further in 2022, developing multichannel strategies that more efficiently incorporate both traditional and online consumer audiences is key to more effective campaigns. Doing this well requires marketers to understand your consumers and how they best respond to marketing, including what channel (direct mail, email, OTT banner ads) or what message (vehicle reliability, value for dollar, celebrity endorsement) works best. Working with the right partner for audience insights enables you to segment audiences and filter for automotive criteria that drive more targeted, segmented marketing.

What are traditional audiences?

In most cases, traditional (sometimes referred to as offline) audiences include consumers reached through radio, standard TV, billboards, text, direct mail, or phone calls. To fulfill any traditional audience strategy, a dealer or agency requires consumer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as name, email address, mailing address, or phone number. Traditional marketing has also been called direct marketing when the marketing is sent specifically to a home address, email address, or phone number.

For instance, when utilizing direct mail, automotive marketers require the most up-to-date consumer information to ensure they reach the correct mailbox. To reduce cost and personalize the marketing experience, the best marketers utilize audience sources based on strong data sets unique to the automotive world. For example, targeting consumers driving a particular vehicle or nearing the end of their lease is more effective than just sending a generic message to an entire geographic area.

Even with the explosive growth of digital marketing, direct marketing remains relevant. Consumers still respond and use offers sent to their mailboxes, and personalized mailers still result in vehicle sales or service appointments. While there is a higher cost per thousand than digital marketing, direct marketing still earns an essential place in the automotive retail media mix.

What are online audiences?

Online audiences are typically consumers reached through 0ver-The-Top (OTT) advertising, banner ads, or addressable TV. When using these marketing channels, PII is not needed. Online marketing can encompass many different methods to reach customers, including social media, email, websites, blogs, and search engine traffic. Nearly every business will benefit from online marketing because it’s a great way to reach people where they already are—online.

Online marketing has grown in a digital world where so many people rely on their cell phones to organize their day, conduct research, and communicate with the world. According to Tech At Last, “most households now have between 5 and 10 screens. Those numbers include tablets, PCs, notebooks, smartphones, and televisions. These devices include any screen that enables users to watch or read content.1

Audience modeling can help simplify the chaos of digital channel segmentation

Utilizing digital channels allows marketers to reach consumers where they increasingly spend their time. Whether it is their Inbox, streaming service, social media, or other digital platforms, knowing consumer preferences makes the marketing experience more meaningful. In other words, capitalizing on audience modeling to determine the best channel and how the consumer engages with the channel can make all the difference. For example, to showcase your new Hybrid, you may not want your video advertising shown on a YouTube channel about construction! The same commercial would resonate far better on a channel with DIY or gardening shows.

To best capitalize on addressable TV, 0ver-The-Top advertising, or banner ads, marketers should work with an audience provider who can identify targeted segments based on psychographic, demographic, and geographic data allowing for more effective marketing. Look for a provider like Experian Automotive that can deliver a robust database, extensive consumer insights, and deeply established partnerships for audience activation (social media or TV), allowing your marketing dollars to work harder with extended reach.

Whether you are looking to reach consumers online or traditionally, reaching the right consumers with the right message on the right channel is always the goal. To achieve this, working with a third party for audiences built on clean data is necessary. If you can segment the audiences or filter for automotive criteria, your marketing dollars and messaging will go farther!

1TechAtLast (2014) The Average Number of Screens in a Home Has Increased 

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