Cookies are for Closers!

Published: August 29, 2022 by Kirsten Von Busch

I love the random “National” holidays that are popping up. Did you know we recently celebrated National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? It’s no 4th of July or Labor Day, but I love cookies, so I’m gonna roll with it. Today, we will chat about Identity Resolution in relation to strategic marketing. So, believe it or not, I’m going to tie in Identity Resolution to chocolate chip cookies!

(By the way, if you haven’t read my last two blogs, this is a trend! Check it out:)

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What is identity resolution?

Identifying who you want to target as part of a strategic marketing campaign is critical as a marketer in the auto industry. Experian defines this process as identity resolution or “the ability to stitch together and unify the names, addresses, emails, device IDs, cookies (not the yummy kind), and other identifiers associated with customers.”

Today’s marketers risk working with outdated, fragmented, or incomplete data without proper identity resolution, which correlates to inefficient campaign targeting and wasted marketing dollars.

So, let’s use baking a chocolate cookie as an example. For the perfect cookie, you need flour, white sugar, brown sugar, salt, baking soda, butter, vanilla, eggs, and chocolate chips. There are a lot of ingredients, and you need all of them to make a complete cookie. When it comes to targeting consumers, let’s say you only have fragmented pieces of customer information for a woman who bought a car from you (partial ingredients). You have her name, the address where she lived when she purchased the car, and what looks like a work email address (that has bounced). So, it’s like having the flour, eggs, and sugar for your cookie! But you need the rest of the ingredients for the recipe, and you need to confirm whether any key ingredients have expired or “gone bad.”

Or you may have customers you know through analytics who have visited a dealer or OEM website, but you can’t track them down further. You have an electronic footprint but no other identifying data. So, you have the critical ingredient like flour, but it’s not necessarily super helpful unless you have other pieces to complete the recipe.

Find the missing ingredients with identity resolution solutions

Marketers need to utilize solutions like data hygiene, database management, additional data append, digital identity resolution (to link anonymous online IDs to data assets), and identity graphs to help create a complete view of their customers and prospects. In other words, some solutions can help bring all the ingredients together to make a “whole” cookie or a “whole” customer. You’re ready—add the chocolate chips and bake!

I realize that identity resolution can be complicated, so we’ve written a resource with examples/scenarios and the corresponding solutions that can help resolve typical challenges. Download a complimentary copy of Identity Resolution: Helping marketers deliver personalized communication for life.

At Experian Automotive, we are experienced in unifying fragmented data points across offline and online touchpoints to create a complete view of your best auto customers and prospects. Feel free to reach out to discuss our solutions or to share your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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