Combating Fraud with Experian’s New Precise ID® Model Suite

Published: May 6, 2020 by Alison Hillendahl

One of the most difficult parts of combating fraud is the ability to distinguish between the variety of fraud types. To properly manage your fraud efforts, you need to be able to differentiate between first party fraud and third party fraud so you can determine the best treatment.

After all, if you’re treating first party fraud as though it’s third party fraud, the customer you’re contacting for verification will give whatever information they need to in order to continue their criminal actions. So how do you verify each type of fraud without adding additional overhead or increasing the friction experienced by your customers?

Combating Fraud During an Economic Downturn

Particularly in times of economic uncertainty, the ability to detect and identify individual fraud types allows you to work to prevent them in the future. Through proper identification, you can also apply the correct treatments to maximize the effectiveness of your fraud response teams, since the treatment for first and third party fraud is different.

During the economic upswing, first party fraud was a secondary concern. Businesses were easing friction to help continue growth. Now, the same customers that businesses thought would drive growth are hurting and unable to help offset the losses caused by bad actors.

Now is the time to revisit existing fraud prevention and mitigation strategies to ensure that fraud is properly identified, and the correct treatments are applied.

Introducing Precise ID® Model Suite

Experian’s Precise ID Model Suite combines identity analytics with advanced fraud risk models to:

  • Protect the entire customer journey again fraud – across account opening, login, maintenance and transactions
  • Distinguish first-party, third-party, and synthetic identity fraud to determine the best next action
  • Enable agility during changing market conditions
  • Maintain regulatory compliance (including: KYC, CIP, GLBA, FCRA, FFIEC, PATRIOT Act, FACTA, and more)
  • Improve overall fraud management strategies and reduce losses

Precise ID Model Suite allows you to detect and distinguish types of fraud with a single call – enabling your business to maximize efficiency and eliminate redundancy across your fraud prevention teams. By accurately recognizing risk, and in particular, recognizing that first party fraud is in fact a type of fraud distinct from credit risk, you’re able to protect your portfolio and your customers.

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